Course Overview
How To Be An Effective M&E Coordinator

Saturday, 21st April 2012 - 9.30am to 5.00pm

At A Glance
This course covers on key areas that are needed for individuals to assume a more demanding and challenging role as M&E Coordinator. As the M&E Coordinator for the project, you are responsible to manage the various M&E sub contractors works and also manage the expectations of the Consultants’ team.

Participants will be equipped with the various technical skills and knowledge that will be meaningful to carry out their role and assist to improve the communication as well as work relationships among the project teams.

Why You Should Attend

ü  Recognise the roles and responsibilities of the M&E Coordinator.

ü  Acquire project management skills required for better project execution.

ü  Have better understanding the construction industry from M&E Coordinator’s perspective

ü  Identify the main challenges and the techniques needed to resolve them.

ü  Learn the importance of good communication skills needed for carrying out responsibilities effectively.  


Course Fee: $250 per person
If you bring a friend along, your course fee will be reduced to S$230 per person.


To register, please email to with name, designation, address & contact number. For further enquiries, please call us at 6368 6441 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

For more detailed information on this course, please refer below


Course Structure

Session 1

Overview of Building Construction and the Roles and Prospects of M&E Coordinator


ü  Learn the Building Construction Industry in Singapore

ü  Learn about the Roles and Responsibilities of M&E Coordinator

ü  The Prospects of M&E Coordinator in the Construction Industry


Session 2

Construction Sequence of Works


ü  Understanding the construction sequence of work and the various parties involved at different stages of the works

ü  Learn the different drawings involved and its functions in different stages of the works from inception to handing over of the project


Session 3

Construction Sequence of Works


ü  Learn the stages of works (from piling works, structure works to architectural works) and what you as M&E coordinator needs to do and look out for at every stage of this works

ü  Learn the various Inspections involved including inspections by the relevant authorities

ü  Learn about Testing and Commissioning sequence stage


Session 4

The Common Challenges


ü  Learn about some of the common challenges that you will face as M&E Coordinator

ü  Some case studies that you can relate to when you work as M&E Coordinator






Our Recent Workshop


Our recent workshop was a success and eye opener for some of the participants. The participants came from different trades and working backgrounds.


We received a positive feedback from the participants on this workshop. We are very pleased to share with you on some of their feedback.


“I will definitely recommend this workshop to my friends/relatives. I hope you can add/expand more and offer a 1 1/2 day or a 2-days course instead. And please also offer a course on Project Management and Electric System Design. For a one day course, the seminar is handled very well and lots of information were helpful given during the seminar.”


Alda Losaria

Project Engineer



“The presenter is able to stimulate the students’ interest. I will definitely recommend this workshop to my friends. Please add more training courses.”


Conrado C. Rabino

M&E Draftsman/Designer



 ”The concepts and skills that I learn are useful and relevant to my job. Presenter has good knowledge and practical skills of the topic taught. Definitely,  more time for Case Studies. Case Study can be more indepth with a variety of problems.”


Kris Ong Ying Yu

Project Engineer



 ”There is adequate coverage and depth of the topics. Instructor is effective in communicating ideas and concepts. I will recommend this workshop to my friends.”


Malaisamy Suresh

M&E Coordinator



“I’ve achieved my objective attending this workshop. The presenter is able to stimulate my interest in this M&E Coordinator arena. Make the class more often. I’m sure more will come for this course”


Muhammad Mahyuddin B. Mazlan




“The concepts and skills that I learned from this workshop are useful and relevant to my job. Instructor has good practical skills and knowledge. The class size was appropriate.”


Zaw Min Tun

Assistant Supervisor



 ”Overall, the instructor is effective in communicating ideas and concepts, uses practical examples, case studies, illustration  to stimulate the students’ interests. I will recommend this workshop to my friends. Continue to share the ideas that can help others for this industry.”


Noel Rivas Alinsubao

M&E Coordinator



“The instructor is good in explaining the details and concepts of an M&E Coordinator. I have a much clearer view of what i can do to be a coordinator. I like the way he shares his work experience. Maybe more pictures  or slides on the work experiences would make it more interesting.”


Muhammad Adam Bin Zulkipli

M&E Drafter



“The quality of course material and handout is great. The case studies were adequate. The presenter has good knowledge and practical skills of this topic. Do highlight more important technical information.”


Goh Siew Peng

Project Manager



“The concepts and skills learnt are very useful and relevant to my current job. Instructor has good practical knowledge and skills of this M&E Coordinator.”


Abdul Alim

M&E Coordinator



“The environment is conducive for this workshop. I will recommend my friends for this M&E Coordinator workshop. The course material and handout is of great quality. Instructor has good knowledge of the topic.”


Renato E.C. Martinez Jr.

Senior CAD Designer



“I understand the structure of being a M&E Coordinator and problems faced. Instructor has great practical knowledge and skills of this topic. I will definitely recommend my friends to this workshop.”


Mohammad Aydil Haqeem

M&E Drafter



You can also watch some action of our workshop from our blog at M&E Coordinator or even in the Facebook,


So, HURRY and REGISTER for this workshop. Seats are limited.